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    Whether you use your golf cart from green to green or just around your gated community or condo complex, customized coverages from Progressive specialty golf cart insurance will protect you and your vehicle. We can cover you for virtually any non-commercial purpose and location.

    Do you need golf cart insurance?

    Insurance requirements for golf carts will vary by state, but it’s worth having a golf cart insurance policy even in states that don’t mandate one—especially if you plan to drive your golf cart around your neighborhood. Your homeowners insurance may not cover you away from the fairways, but golf cart insurance does.

    What is the average cost of golf cart insurance?

    Golf cart insurance rates vary based on the coverages you select and the make and model of your golf cart. Your age and driving history also factor into the price. Quote golf cart insurance online and see how affordable it can be. Policies start as low as $75/annually.*

    Ways to save

    Get more discounts to lower your golf cart insurance cost


    Bundle and save! We’ll add a discount to your golf cart policy if you already have auto, home, renters, boat, or RV insurance with Progressive.

    Pay in full

    We’ll add another discount simply for paying your golf cart policy up front and in full.

    Responsible driver

    If you’ve had no accidents or motor vehicle violations in the last three years, we’ll reward you with a discount for safe driving.


    Enjoy a discount just for owning a home.

    Prompt payment

    If you’ve paid on time, we’ll say thank you with a discount. If you’re a new Progressive customer, we’ll automatically include it in anticipation of your timely payments.

    Golf cart insurance coverages we offer

    Standard Coverages

    Bodily injury and property damage liability

    Guest passenger liability

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and property damage

    Comprehensive and collision

    Medical payments

    Accessory coverage

    Get a golf cart insurance quote today and be covered before you hit the links.

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