Compare Home Insurance Rates With HomeQuote Explorer

We're the only insurer that lets you instantly compare home insurance rates and coverages from multiple companies side-by-side. You only have to enter your info once, then we'll match you with a policy based on your info and show a few extra options.

How HomeQuote Explorer works

Start your quote & we'll simplify everything

We make getting a quote as simple as possible. Just enter your address, and we'll automatically answer questions for you based on public records, such as those from the county auditor. Plus, we'll use pictures to help you more accurately and quickly identify your roof type, countertops and more.

Compare rates & coverages from multiple companies

We have an entire network of home insurers to provide a wide range of options. When you get a quote, we'll search our network to match you with a policy based on your info. Plus, we'll show rates and coverages from multiple companies for you to compare side-by-side.

Try HomeQuote Explorer and start comparing home insurance rates from multiple companies.

Our experts help you buy

We have a team of licensed home insurance experts standing by to help answer questions. Plus, we'll take care of all the details with your mortgage company. If you'd like, we'll send them your proof of insurance and coordinate billing details, so you can combine your mortgage and insurance payments (called escrow). That way, you're not paying your insurance bill to us. Instead, it's lumped in to your mortgage payment.

See how HomeQuote Explorer simplifies shopping

HomeQuote Explorer from Progressive

Progressive's new easy-to-use home insurance quote tool lets you compare rates and coverage from multiple companies online so you can buy with confidence.

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Voice Over:
Whether you're about to purchase your first home or forever home, you should be spending time planning your new space—not looking for ways to protect it.
[Images of exterior and interior of new home.]
Voice Over:
With HomeQuote Explorer, we make it easier to compare multiple home insurance quotes online.
["HomeQuote Explorer from Progressive" logo appears.]
Voice Over:
Just tell us a little bit about your home, starting with your address.
[Laptop with the first page of HomeQuote Explorer is showing. An address is being typed into a one line form field. As the address is entered, the remainder of the address automatically pre-fills for the user.]
Voice Over:
We'll pre-fill any information we find—saving you time right from the start.
[Next page of HomeQuote Explorer displays on the screen based on the home address that was entered. The page shows, "Info We Found. Built in 1997 / 1,922 sq ft / 1 stories / Ranch / Frame." There is also an "edit" button allowing the user to enter the pre-filled information.]
Voice Over:
Not sure about things like the shape of your roof or the material of your counters? Images help you answer without second-guessing.
["Roof" and "Interior" pages of HomeQuote Explorer are displayed on a tablet device showing images and text of the different types of roofs, counter tops, flooring materials and wall materials the user can choose from.]
Voice Over:
Once you're finished, we'll match you with a policy that fits your new home...
[A "Hold tight!" screen appears on a mobile phone as Progressive's network of home insurers is searched to find the user's rate and coverage. A "Your Quote" screen appears showing the user's quote and a phone number to call to purchase the policy.]
Voice Over:
...and show you other options to compare side by side.
[Scrolling down the "Your Quote" screen shows a button to see more options. After clicking the button, the user is presented with quotes from other companies side-by-side along with their coverages.]
Voice Over:
When you're ready to buy, our home insurance experts are ready to help. Just buy online or pick up the phone.
[User selects a quote from the comparison list and is presented with a summary of what's included in the quote and a phone number to call.]
Voice Over:
HomeQuote Explorer from Progressive—the easiest way to protect the space you love.
["HomeQuote Explorer" logo appears with phone number "1-855-347-3749" and "" showing beneath it.]
[Fade to white with Progressive logo and "#1 in Online Home Insurance Quotes" line beneath it. Disclaimers: "Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. & affiliates, comScore Online Property Insurance Benchmarker, based on its U.S. panel, for the 2nd half of 2017".]