Homeowners Insurance Coverages

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance covers so much more than just your house. Homeowners also covers other structures on your property (barn, shed, fence), your belongings (furniture, clothes, electronics), lawsuits, and even temporary living expenses during home repairs. And yes, these coverages come standard at no extra cost. Estimate how much homeowners insurance coverage you'll need with our home insurance calculator or get a homeowners insurance quote to see all of your coverages.

Standard homeowners insurance coverages

These are the basic homeowners insurance coverages and come standard in your homeowners policy.

Dwelling coverage

Covers damage to your house and attachments

Other structures

Covers structures not permanently attached to your house

Personal possessions

Covers your belongings if they're stolen or damaged

Loss of use

Covers temporary living expenses

Personal liability

Covers lawsuits against you

Medical payments

Covers injuries on your property

Optional homeowners insurance coverages

You can add any of these coverages to customize your policy based on your needs.

Water back-up

Covers water damage from backed-up sump pumps and sewer systems

Personal injury

Covers uncommon but expensive lawsuits and situations

Perils: What you're protected against

Perils are really just things that can damage your house, other structures on your property, and your belongings.

What's typically covered

What's not covered

If you quote through Progressive, we'll help you add coverage for any of these. But, you may need a separate policy.

General wear and tear is not covered by any policy

If your roof is old and simply needs to be replaced, no insurance policy will cover it. But, if that same old roof were damaged in a storm and heavy winds ripped off shingles, then it'd be covered.

Expected events = not covered

Unexpected events = covered

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