Car Insurance Discounts: Finding the Best

Multi Car, Safe Driver, Multi Policy, Homeowners...

Discounts are a standard feature of car insurance. It's a friendly competition to be the most affordable choice.

So how do you know who really is the best?

The short answer: get a quote.

Here's why:

It's natural to compare companies based on how many discounts they offer, or how big they are.

Until you apply these discounts, though, you won't know where you really get the most affordable package. The company that offers the most or deepest discounts might also have the highest rates. Or, a cheap rate might come at the expense of coverage.

Here are some things that generally get you an auto insurance discount:

  • Owning your house, condo or mobile home
  • Having continuous auto insurance coverage
  • Starting your auto insurance quote online
  • Signing your documents online when you buy your policy
  • Insuring multiple cars (multi car insurance)
  • Having multiple policies
  • Having a "good student" on your policy

(For the record, we keep checking for discounts while you're a customer, too.)

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