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Great drivers get GREAT RATES with Snapshot®

There are 2 ways you could save:

  • BUY an auto policy—Snapshot is included

  • Do a 30-day TRIAL to preview what you'd save with us

How it works—A little device is the key to saving

  • Plug


    Day 1

    The Snapshot device fits right into a little port in your car, generally located below the steering wheel.

  • Drive


    Days 1-30

    We look at your driving habits to see if you could be saving more. You can track your projected savings online.

  • Save


    Day 31

    Now your rate is fully personalized; any discount you earned is in full effect. Simple! (And these FAQs cover the little details.)

Success stories from over 1 million drivers who've chosen Snapshot

  • KatieKatie
  • EricEric
  • JoleenJoleen

@Progressive is awesome! My policy just renewed and Snapshot Discount rawks! Trying to tell everyone that I know! #saving money #newshoes4me

Latreece W., Ohio, via Twitter