How to Save

A few quick tips means a few hundred in savings

Finding extra car insurance discounts might just be the easiest way to put cash back in your pocket. In fact, our average customer saves $620 when they switch to Progressive.* That's just the AVERAGE. Take advantage of all these savings opportunities and you could save even more.

Save right out of the box

Get all your Progressive car insurance discounts immediately—they're built in. Multi Car. Homeowners. Multi Policy. Safe Driver. The list goes on.

Pay your way to extra savings

Pay in full to get extra savings and no late fees. Or you can enroll in automatic payments to make sure you never get late payment fees (it comes with a discount, too).

Bundle & save even more

Bundle property & auto insurance to save another 5% (or more).** It doesn't matter where you live, you can bundle auto insurance with your homeowners, renters, condo and even townhouse.

Skip to what's in your budget

Use the Name Your Price® tool to tell us what you want to pay for car insurance. We'll then show you a few coverage options in your budget.

Compare apples to apples

Compare car insurance rates (while selecting the same coverages) across the top companies. We might not always win with the lowest rate, but you will.

Drive better, save more

Just plug Snapshot into your car to tailor your rate to your driving. The average driver saves $150 with Snapshot.†† But if you drive extra safely, you could save even more. See how Snapshot works.

Duh! Of course you want to save as much as you can. But the only question is, do you want the lowest possible rate (even if that means lower coverages)? If so, check out our cheap car insurance tips.

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