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What is Snapshot?

Typically, car insurance rates are based on the habits of people like you. Snapshot personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving (called usage-based insurance). The better you drive, the more you can save.

What is the 30-day trial?

If you don’t want to switch your insurance today, you can sign up for a trial of Snapshot. There's no obligation to buy at the end. Get more details.

When do I get my Snapshot device?

Within seven to 10 days of buying your Progressive policy, you’ll get your device in the mail.

Where do I plug in the device?

Plug it in to your car’s diagnostic port; it’s located under the driver’s side dashboard of most cars. Every device comes with instructions.

How do I know the device is working?

After starting your car, simply look for a blinking light on the device. If you don't see one, unplug the device, review installation details, and then plug it back in. If you still don't see a blinking light, please call us at 1-877-329-7283.

Why does my device beep when I drive?

Some of our Snapshot devices beep when you make a hard brake. Getting this instant feedback can help you improve your driving.

What information does the device collect?

The Snapshot device collects information about sudden changes in speed, how much you drive, and when you drive. It also collects your vehicle identification number and triggers an email to you if it comes unplugged. Some devices collect location data: this is only for research purposes—we don't use it to calculate your rate.

How might Snapshot affect my rate?

With Snapshot, we measure a variety of factors related to your driving and driving conditions, including things such as the times of day you drive, hard brakes, accelerations and amount you drive. Riskier driving habits based on these factors indicate a greater likelihood of being in an accident, and may result in a higher rate at renewal.

Learn more about these factors.

When do I learn about my rate change?

Look for regular email updates, showing your progress, while you have the Snapshot device plugged in. You can also log in to your policy at any time to see how you’re doing. When it’s time to return the device, the email update will show exactly how your rate will change when you renew your policy.

Can I opt out of Snapshot before you're done reviewing my driving information?

Sure. If you decide Snapshot isn't right for you, you can cancel at any time.

When do I return the device?

You’ll get an email when it's time to unplug and return the device. We usually try to time that email with your policy renewal. However, if you plug in the device in the middle of your policy period—rather than at the start—we may have you keep the device plugged in beyond your renewal. We usually want devices plugged in for at least 75 days. Bottom line: just look for that email.

What if my device stops working?

If your device stops working or comes unplugged, you'll get an email alert, along with details on what to do next.

What if I lose the device?

Call us at 1-877-329-7283, so we can send you a new one. Unfortunately, the $50 charge for an unreturned device still applies.

Why can’t I see some driving information anymore?

Snapshot reports are available for 180 days after you receive the email asking to return the device.

What if a vehicle with Snapshot gets in an accident?

We won’t use Snapshot data for claims purposes unless you say it’s ok, or we receive a court order, like a subpoena. See the Snapshot terms and conditions for more information.

Note: These FAQs offer a broad overview of the Snapshot program and how it works. The program does vary in a few states. See the Snapshot terms and conditions for more information.