Your safe driving habits can boost your savings

The fair way to pay for car insurance

It just makes sense—insurance should be based partly on how you actually drive, rather than just on traditional factors like where you live and what kind of car you have.

That's what Snapshot is all about. Your safe driving habits can help you save on car insurance. It's as simple as that.

This little device turns your safe driving into savings

  • Plug
  • Drive
  • Results

Like plugging into an outlet

Snapshot fits into your car's OBD-II port. (Most modern cars have one.) Every time you power up, Snapshot follows suit—you'll see the lights dance and hear a beep.

Drive just like you normally would

For each trip you take, Snapshot notes information like the time of day and how you drive, including any hard brakes. (A hard brake is a rapid deceleration—enough to make your car jerk. You'll hear a beep, too.)

Your results are online

Snapshot sends your driving information to Progressive. Simply log in to see the latest and watch as you shape your new rate. You get feedback you can use to become an even safer driver.

... now watch Snapshot in action

Plug In. Drive Better. Save More. Snapshot, Only from Progressive Insurance.

This is a short video narrated by Flo the Progressive girl that describes how Snapshot works and how to plug the device into your car.

Automotive Images, Copyright [2000 - 2013] Homestar Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[Open on cartoon version of Flo in the Superstore.]
So, you're interested in Snapshot from Progressive. Well, here's the story, straight from the check-out girl's mouth. Snapshot is a revolutionary technology that turns good driving into big savings. Yay! Here's how it works:
[Cut to cartoon character of a customer taking a Snapshot device out of its package.]
We send you one of these...
[Cut to cartoon character plugging the Snapshot device into the car's computer port.]
You plug it into your car, and then you drive like your everyday, awesome self.
[Cut to cartoon character driving down the road in his car. Images of this driver's driving statistics appear around the car: Number of hard brakes per 100 miles: 6. Total Number of Miles Driven: 53.1. Total High Risk Driving Time: 1 hour, 24 minutes. The statistics change as the character drives.]
Then, we use what we learn to see if you should be paying less for car insurance.
[Cut to cartoon version of Flo back in the Superstore, holding up the Snapshot device.]
So that's Snapshot. Thanks for watching! [pauses] Oh, this is awkward. This is the part where you sign up.
[Cut to end-card that reads: Snapshot by Progressive.]

Want even more details? See our Snapshot FAQs

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