Practice corporate law, without the corporate environment

What we do: evaluate risk, anticipate outcomes, and help others make informed decisions. What we don’t do: stuffy personalities or the suits and ties found in other corporate legal groups.

The 800+ corporate law professionals on our Corporate Practice and House Counsel teams, and our claims attorneys, located in our headquarters and all across the country, are trusted advisors to the business. From defending policyholders after accidents to handling real estate transactions to managing our intellectual property portfolio, they demonstrate a diverse range of talent, skills, and experience.

Still expecting a stereotypical law office? Doesn’t exist here. Ours features a collaborative team and one of the country's leading contemporary art collections.

Legal roles

  • Claims attorneys
  • Corporate attorneys
  • Corporate paralegals
  • House counsel attorneys
  • Law clerks
  • Legal assistants
  • Licensing process specialists
  • Managing attorneys
  • Record retention specialists