Out-think. Out-create. Out-perform.

If you're looking for the vibe and work-life balance of an exciting start-up, but the stability and flexibility of an established company, this is your chance.

Your chance to create new technology. To work hard and be challenged. To have your ideas impact millions of people.

Whether we're testing out chatbots in our innovation garage, participating in company events like Code Jam, or problem-solving for cutting-edge apps like Snapshot® we never stop pushing ourselves and challenging the status quo.

We also enjoy flexibility, on-site fitness classes, healthcare and dining options, outdoor recreation, and a contemporary artwork collection.

With a robust organization that includes more than 30 technology families, the career path possibilities are vast—you'll be able to take advantage of opportunities to move around the company and challenge yourself in new and exciting roles.

Nearly everything we accomplish at Progressive is made possible by the work of our Technology team. To us, tech is more than just a department—it's our foundation, our future, and a great place to kick-start or advance your career. Technology careers are available in our Cleveland headquarters, as well as our Colorado Springs, Colorado, location.

Technology careers

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • Process/data/business systems/
    quality assurance analysts
  • Project managers
  • Systems engineers (including test)
  • Vendor management

Meet Tony: He's using the latest techniques in mobile development while working alongside collaborative people who love learning new things.

Mobile App Development at Progressive - Meet Tony

Create, innovate, and continually develop in a technology job at Progressive. Want to come work with Tony?

To me, learning a new programming language is not much at all about learning the syntax of that language.
It's about learning the libraries that are available in that language.
It's more about the organization than what I'm typing.
I've been kind of a phone geek, I guess for about as long as they've existed.
As long as cell phones have been around I've found ways to work around the limitations that are put on them to make them more useful to me.
I joined IT in 2005, the IT Grant was introduced maybe a year or two prior.
I decided to pursue my Master's Degree with the IT Grant because it was just a great opportunity offered by Progressive.
It was during that time that I started getting those opportunities to work on more interesting applications in our department.
Our mobile area is definitely using some of the latest techniques in mobile development like Functional Reactive Programming.
All our developers code for both Android and for IOS.
The company culture overall is really friendly.
When you have the right sort of people that are able to adapt and learn new things and not simply follow a checklist then it really comes down to having the support to do it and absolutely we have the support to get the things that we need to do things and to do them right.
The work/life balance at Progressive is really good.
For the most part, work is able to stay at work and when I go home, work doesn't become my life, which is something that is really a big thing for me.
It's cool to know that I work on something that many people interact with and that people understand, right?
Some of the work I've done I couldn't explain to somebody and say what I do.
You know, it's fun to tell people that I work on Progressive's mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

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