Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance

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Shopping for a Medicare health insurance plan can be both confusing and time-consuming. But when you quote with Progressive Health by eHealth, you'll be able to find a plan that works for you in just a few minutes. eHealth's powerful comparison tools let you filter your plan options by prescription drug coverage, monthly premium range, and more. Plus, you have a knowledgeable customer service team standing by to answer your questions.

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Types of Medicare insurance plans

As a Medicare insurance broker, eHealth offers plans from numerous insurance companies, making it easy to find one that covers what you need. Whether you're looking for an alternative way to get Medicare or a stand-alone prescription drug plan to cover your prescriptions, you'll find it here. Here are the major Medicare insurance plans eHealth offers:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans: These are plans offered by private Medicare-approved insurance companies that provide the same benefits as Medicare, with the addition of prescription drug coverage, as well as routine dental and vision (depending on the plan).
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans: Also known as Medigap insurance, these plans can help pay for your Medicare co-pays and deductibles.
  • Medicare Part D Plans: These are standalone plans that provide coverage for prescription drugs that Medicare typically doesn't cover.

Once you start your quote, you'll be able to review options for all three plan types. Just keep in mind that if you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you generally won't be able to enroll in a supplemental Medicare insurance plan (Medigap) at the same time.

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Tips for quoting Medicare insurance plans

Navigating the wide range of supplemental and prescription coverage plan options for Medicare can be a challenge, but eHealth can help you make sense of them. Here are a few tips to use when comparing plans:

  • Verify your doctor is covered: eHealth's plan comparison tools allow you to see if your doctors and prescription drugs are covered by your plan. Simply add them to your search and you'll see all your compatible plan options.
  • Check your initial coverage limit: When using the plan finder tool for Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plans, pay attention to your initial coverage limit. Once you and your plan pay this amount for your prescriptions, your out-of-pocket drug costs increase by a specified amount.
  • Select plans for easy comparison: You can compare the details of up to three plans side by side. Simply check the box marked "compare" in the bottom right corner of each plan to add them to your list.

Looking for more advice? eHealth has over 200 licensed insurance agents available at no cost to you. Simply call with any questions you have about Medicare plans, prescription drug coverages, and more. You can also get more answers from our Health Insurance 101 guide.

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