Pet safety in an RV

Before You Go

Call your RV insurer.

Find out if your pet is covered by your RV insurance. Progressive pays up to $1,000 in vet bills for your dogs and cats if they're hurt when you're in an RV accident. Pet Injury coverage is free to RV customers with Collision coverage.

Know your campground's pet policy.

Most campgrounds and RV parks have pet restrictions. They might charge extra for pets or have leash rules or designated areas for dog-walking. To avoid any unwanted surprises, check your destination's guidelines before you leave for the trip.

Pick a pet-friendly spot.

Consider requesting a campsite that's a little more remote, so your pet won't bother other campers who might not be animal lovers.

Get ID tags.

Your pet's tags should be up to date and include your cell phone number (remember, you're on the road).

Pack their bags.

Include cleaning supplies, a towel or travel bed, food and water, portable bowls, any medications, a pet first aid kit, and lots of toys.

Bring their health records.

Bring along copies of your pets' health records and vaccinations. Some RV parks require this information.

On the road

Feed them early.

To help prevent your pets from getting sick, feed them a couple of hours before you leave, not right before they get in your RV.

Buckle up.

Have your pets ride securely in a crate or wear a harness. And, don't let them ride with their heads out of the window.

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