Prepare for next steps

From an employment assessment to a phone or video interview, preparation is key

Tips for what comes next in our employment process

Our interview process varies by role and circumstances. For some job openings, a first step may include an online assessment or phone interview with a recruiter. Other positions may have you complete a video interview. Those steps can depend on the type of experience and skills a job requires and the nature of the work you’d be asked to do. Here are some pointers as you move forward:

  • If you’ve received word that you’ll be completing a Progressive pre-employment assessment, check out this info for what to expect and how to prepare.
  • If you’ve received an invitation for an interview—whether it’s via video, phone, or in person—take time to review Progressive’s interview tips.
  • If you’ve received word that you won’t be moving forward and would like feedback, contact your recruiter, who may be able to share some insight to help you if you reapply with us in the future.
  • If you still have questions about your current step or what’s next for your application, refer to the FAQs below.

FAQs about our employment process

How long does it take for Progressive to review my application?

What’s the status of my application?

I didn’t pass the pre-employment assessment. Can you tell me why?

How does a self-recorded interview work?

I forgot my candidate login information. Where can I find it?

I’m looking for an email I received about a job I applied for…where can I find that?

Does Progressive do background checks?

How do I know a Progressive job posting is legitimate?

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