Progressive Application Process

Things to know about applying to a job at Progressive

Find the right job for you

Before you submit your Progressive Insurance job application, explore our teams to find the area and role that interest you.

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Carefully read job descriptions

If this is your first employment application with Progressive, be sure to pay attention to the “must-have qualifications” required to be eligible for the role. If a training schedule is included, make sure it’s a fit for you before you begin the Progressive employment process.

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Ensure your experience aligns with the position

Your resume should reflect the qualifications and responsibilities for the role you want. Make sure to list any transferrable skills. Consider connecting with an employee already in the role to get a better understanding of what it entails, how your experience lines up with what’s expected and maybe get a few interview tips. If you were referred by an employee, check your email for an invitation with instructions for applying.

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After You Apply

Waiting may be the hardest part. Take action to stay informed during the downtime. The timing between steps can vary depending on the role you apply for, and there are a variety of reasons for that. Things like the number of candidates, number of positions available, and even the strength of internal candidates, as we’re a company with a culture of internal mobility. It also depends on how quickly you respond to pre-employment assessment or video interview invitations (some of which have submission deadlines) from our recruiters.

Be on the lookout for emails with directions to continue the hiring process and more on Progressive’s application status.

Tips for staying informed along the way

  • Log into your profile to see updates and a record of any emails we’ve sent to you. You’ll also see your Progressive application status on your profile in our system.
  • Check your email for updates. Add to your contacts as you’ll receive important updates this way, whether it’s hearing from a recruiter that we’re interested in learning more about your skills and experience or that we’ve moved forward with other candidates.
  • Get to know us better by visiting Life@Progressive and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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