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Working and parenting

It’s OK to feel awesome and terrible at both at the same time

3 min read

4 Ways to overcome early DevOps adoption challenges

There's no standard recipe for DevOps, but there are a few things that can help

4 min read

New technology is great: using it is even better

We’re not a “that’s how we’ve always done it” type of company.

3 min read

How our employees are career entrepreneurs

Unexpected career paths are the norm at Progressive.

3 min read

Take a second look at a claims job

Find out what makes a career in claims so rewarding.

3 min read

3 reasons why an in-house law career might be right for you

Choosing corporate over firm life could energize your career.

3 min read

Q&A: Talking with Data and Analytics Business Leader Pawan

You can’t grow unless you’ve risked, failed, and learned.

3 min read

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