Employee Experiences

Learn about the work and progress that make career paths at Progressive so unexpected and unique

Discover what’s possible and thrive

How collaboration improves process

Using open source to improve application upgrade process

2 min read

Come for a job, stay for a career

How an employee who started in 1976 took Progressive up on their offer

4 min read

Adoption benefits at Progressive

Growing a family using Progressive's adoption benefits

3 min read

An inside look at a career in catastrophe claims

Supporting homeowners with compassion and empathy during hard times

4 min read

What does a property claims adjuster really do?

A look into one adjuster’s day-to-day

5 min read

How to make your mark as a new employee

Never forget you were hired for your unique thumbprint

4 min read

Q&A: A glimpse into the Progressive Claims Adjuster role

Making important decisions, negotiating, and building relationships

5 min read

From struggles to Seguros

Orianna's success story

3 min read

Becoming an IT business systems analyst

It’s all about communication

4 min read

Making a career change to a new industry

How a career change could lead to more fulfillment at work

3 min read

4 signs being a Progressive lawyer might be for you

If you’re looking for autonomy & teamwork, you're at the right place

3 min read

I didn’t get the job. Now what?

How to move on & prepare for the next opportunity

4 min read

Lead without a leadership title

You can develop leadership skills in any role

3 min read

Why employee tenure should matter in your job search

Employees staying with a company long term speaks volumes about culture

3 min read

Working and parenting

It’s OK to feel awesome and terrible at both at the same time

3 min read

4 Ways to overcome early DevOps adoption challenges

There’s no standard recipe for DevOps, but there are a few things that can help

4 min read

New technology is great: using it is even better

We’re not a “that’s how we’ve always done it” type of company

3 min read

How our employees are career entrepreneurs

Unexpected career paths are the norm at Progressive

3 min read

Take a second look at a claims job

Find out what makes a career in claims so rewarding

3 min read

3 reasons why an in-house law career might be right for you

Choosing corporate over firm life could energize your career

3 min read

Q&A: Talking with Data and Analytics Business Leader Pawan

You can’t grow unless you’ve risked, failed, and learned

3 min read

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