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One employee’s unexpected pivot to a rewarding career in insurance

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November 2022

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“When I first came to Progressive, I didn’t know anything about insurance other than the coverage I had on my vehicle.”

For Jodi, like many others, working for an insurance company wasn’t top of mind when thinking of careers. After working in a marketing role for many years, she was open to exploring a different path. Surprisingly, that exploration led her to Progressive, where she was able to transition into what has become a satisfying and rewarding career in insurance.

Easily apply transferrable skills

While she was familiar with Progressive, she hadn’t thought about working at Progressive since she lacked insurance experience. After some encouragement from her partner at the time, she took a leap of faith and applied. Little did she realize she had transferable skills from her previous work which have served her well in her new role.

At her prior employer, Jodi learned the value of delighting customers and the positive feedback those experiences provide. She encouraged her team to “just take care of the customer,” and has embraced that mantra in her new job at Progressive as a customer service representative. She says she talks to customers like she’s talking to her neighbor.

“I want them to feel like I’ve known them for years,” Jodi says. “It’s important to me.”

Jodi also credits Progressive’s new-hire onboarding and training for making the career change easier. “I felt the trainers were so welcoming,” she says.

While Jodi came in knowing very little about insurance, she now feels like an expert. She finds Progressive’s guidelines and resources helpful when addressing customers’ needs.

Work in a challenging yet rewarding role

Reflecting on her own journey, Jodi encourages others to do their research on Progressive to see if it may be a fit for them. She finds the work challenging but rewarding, taking pride in finding solutions for customers. Jodi also speaks highly of the teamwork among her peers and how they help each other.

While working in insurance seemed intimidating at first, Jodi found the training, culture, and connection she’s made with both the customers and her peers very rewarding. At Progressive, she found a place where she feels appreciated with ample opportunity to grow her career.

Want to see if a Progressive insurance career is right for you? From customer service to claims, technology to legal, learn more about our teams and the variety of career pathways Progressive offers.

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