Data and Analytics

If your brain works in mysterious ways, bring it here

Do you get excited about algorithms, big data, and intellectual challenges? You'll be able to tease your brain daily in an analytical role at Progressive.

Our analysts and data scientists are the engines behind every part of the business, from customer experiences and claims forecasting to product development and IT marketing optimization. They're our fortune-tellers; they model, predict, and even help us anticipate natural disasters and respond to customers who are impacted. They make our products—and our status as an industry leader—even stronger. And, they have fun doing it.

Join our analysts and you'll benefit from a peer-run professional group that supports your career development … and embraces a nerd-level love of math.

Data and analytics roles

  • Actuaries
  • Business intelligence developers
  • Data analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Marketing process analysts
  • Pricing analysts
  • Product analysts
  • R&D analysts

Meet Nicole: She's using advanced programming languages to make predictions that will influence company decisions.

Analyst at Progressive - Meet Nicole

Problem solve, continually develop, and use your skills to make a difference. Want to come work with Nicole?

If I were to describe the analyst's role, I would say in its simplest form, it is a job where you problem-solve every day.
I mean, like, in my mind, I'm CEO. But not really.
If I think about the work that I've done over the years, one of the projects that I'm most proud of is the work that I did during Hurricane Harvey.
I worked with my manager to predict what the costs would be for the hurricane. Harvey impacted thousands of people in Texas, and though I'm just looking at numbers, I feel like I helped them indirectly. So I think that's one of my proudest moments.
When I started, programming languages weren't as robust as they are today. And using some of the more advanced programming languages has helped us be more successful.
One of the things I like about Progressive is the support that the analysts get. We have this group. It's called the Analysts Professional Group. It allows all the analysts around the company to get together and to network at different events, so there's opportunities to learn about what the other analysts do in the company. It just helps you in your career.
I think Progressive's a extremely flexible company. They allow you to do things that you need to do. I just think Progressive offers a ton of things that many other companies don't.
For me, as an African-American woman, diversity is extremely important. And I think Progressive cares a ton about diversity. I felt comfortable bringing my authentic self to work every day. And I think Progressive digs a little bit deeper. It's not your everyday desk job. From the flexibility that the company has, to the collaboration that you'll do with your teams, to the training and developing that we have for every employee within the company, Progressive is just different. It's more than just the name of the company.
Just work here. You should.