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Auto insurance

Four out of five customers recommend Progressive for car insurance.*

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Home & renters insurance

Bundle car insurance and home or renters insurance with Progressive and earn a multi-policy discount.

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Motorcycle insurance

Progressive protects one out of every three insured bikes on the road countrywide.

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Boat insurance

New York is full of scenic places to rock your boat, but make sure your watercraft is protected on and off the water.

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New York quick facts

  • Before you're able to purchase insurance, New York requires a photo inspection for vehicles with more than 1,000 miles.

  • In 2017, the average monthly price for ASI renters insurance in New York from Progressive was $16/month.**

  • If you're caught driving without auto insurance in New York, your license will be revoked for at least one year.

Common insurance claims in New York

In New York, watch out for these accidents and risks! More importantly, make sure you're properly protected.

Water damage

Harsh winters, including lake effect snow and ice dams, are common in upstate New York. That means more risk for water damage to your roof, ceiling and walls.

Protect with: Dwelling coverage. A standard homeowners policy will generally cover water damage if it was sudden and accidental.

Hitting an animal

In New York State, there are over 60,000 deer-vehicle collisions every year.

Protect with: Comprehensive, on your auto policy, will cover damage to your vehicle from an animal.

Small fender benders

Minor collisions can happen on the road, in parking lots or in your driveway.

Protect with: Collision covers damage to your car. Liability protects you if you've damaged someone's else's vehicle.

Insurance advantages in New York

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) discount

In New York, all insurers, including Progressive, offer a discount if your vehicle identification number is etched in your car's windshield.

Optional Basic Economic Loss Coverage (OBEL)

Available only in New York, OBEL allows customers to select an additional $25,000 in coverage for lost wages, medical expenses or psychiatric/physical/occupational therapy.

Point reduction program

The New York DMV will subtract points from your driving record, which can lower your insurance rate, for completing a defensive driving/accident prevention course.

New York motor vehicle insurance requirements



Driving without insurance could lead to a license suspension and possibly fines and jail time. Like almost all states, New York requires bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. If you're in an accident and you injure someone or damage their property, liability covers you up to certain limits, including lawsuits/court costs.

State-minimum amount: You'll usually see three separate numbers, and these are your "limits." Limits are how much we’ll pay out in an accident. In New York, you must carry these limits or higher.

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person (limit for injuries to one person)
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident (limit for all injuries in an accident)
  • $10,000 for property damage (limit for damage to someone else’s car or property)

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Riding without insurance could result in losing your license. The minimum limits in New York are the same as auto insurance.

Insurance requirements for off-road vehicles will vary depending on where you operate your ATV, UTV, dirt bike, or golf cart.


Not required, unless you finance your boat

New York doesn't require boat insurance but, if you finance your watercraft, your lender will likely require comprehensive and collision coverage. Keep in mind, some marinas require proof of liability coverage.

RV/travel trailer

Required if you drive it, not required if you pull it

RV insurance is optional if you’re pulling a travel trailer or toy hauler. As with auto insurance, if you're driving a motorhome, you're legally required to carry liability coverage. Your financer could require you to carry comprehensive and collision coverage if you’re financing your RV. The minimum limits in New York are the same as with auto insurance.

Homeowners and condo

Required if you're financing your home

Your lender will mandate insurance to protect their investment if you have a mortgage on your home. State law does not require you to have insurance if you have no mortgage or lien on your home. But, because your home may be your most valuable asset, it makes sense to keep it continually insured.


Some landlords require insurance

Renters insurance isn't required under New York law. However, many landlords or apartment complexes will require it prior to renting to you.

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