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Car Insurance Rates: Compare & Save

It's a standard way to shop: Decide what you want, then price it with other companies.

This is easy to do at Progressive. We compare car insurance rates right inside your quote so you have an idea of what the car insurance package you created could cost at other companies.

Three big perks of a Progressive car insurance comparison:

We give it to you straight.
Because you're starting from the same coverage package, you're comparing auto insurance based solely on price.

All the rates are real.
Insurance companies file their rates with the state, and we base your comparison on them. You'll get a price range for each company and, in some cases, a specific price. It's easy to see who might have the best rate for you.

It's a lot faster.
This one's straightforward: There's simply less information to fill in—the information you entered for your Progressive quote is used for your comparison rates, too.