Our Culture

See how we celebrate people for who they are and the ideas they bring

An environment built on empowering others

Driving social good in our communities

Ways Progressive’s giving back

4 min read

Connecting with the company culture

New employees are making the most of their virtual onboarding

5 min read

Healthy mind, healthy you

The benefits of meditation

2 min read

Learning that goes beyond new job skills

How one employee embraced a new language to be a better teammate

3 min read

Showing courage at work can shift your company culture

Urge employees to show courage at work to sustain a strong culture

3 min read

Exploring your company culture can lead to new career paths

How knowing your company culture can lead to career growth

3 min read

Finding a community-minded company

What to look for in a company that gives back

2 min read

Accountability is key to achieving inclusion

Meaningful progress is accomplished when we hold ourselves and each other responsible

3 min read

We aren’t what you’d expect from an insurance company.

Progressive’s culture, Core Values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion may change what you think about corporate environments

3 min read

How to build a high-performing, fully engaged team

Teams that feel valued are highly collaborative and willing to go above and beyond

3 min read

When it’s a tough call, rely on your values

CEO Tricia Griffith shares how making decisions based on your values leads to outcomes you can feel good about

4 min read

Great leaders see the whole picture

Diversifying a team goes beyond the traditional meaning of diversity

4 min read

We’re all responsible for creating an inclusive workplace. Yes, even you.

Progressive continually strives for diversity and inclusivity

5 min read

The ROI on relationships

Our CEO reflects on why leadership can mean relationships over results

3 min read

Q&A: Talking with CRM Customer Experience Leader Sandra

Sandra serves others by helping our people fulfill career aspirations

4 min read

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