Homeowners Insurance

Bundle it with auto—this gets you extra discounts

Property insurance is provided and serviced by a trusted, third party.

Progressive Home Advantage® Making Our Auto Customers Feel More at Home®

Protect your family, home and belongings with homeowners insurance (or home insurance)—provided and serviced by select homeowners insurance companies.*

Get coverage for a number of expenses, from medical care for someone who got injured on your property to repairs if a storm or fire damages it.

In addition to a homeowners insurance quote, you can also get a quote for these policies through Progressive:

Condo insurance

This protects you when you own a condominium, since you—not your condo association—are responsible for what's inside your condo.

Renters insurance

This protects you in situations your apartment owner’s policy doesn’t cover.

Mobile home insurance

This not only covers your home; it can also cover detached structures, personal belongings, living expenses and injuries.

What about townhouses?

Homeowners insurance is the closest thing to townhome insurance (or townhouse insurance). If your townhouse association has master policies, you’ll get tenant homeowners insurance; if your association doesn’t have a master policy, you’ll get homeowners insurance.