Ways to Save

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Cheap car insurance savings. Name-brand quality.

There's a certain satisfaction when you find a name brand on sale, with an extra discount and free shipping. Now, get it when you buy car insurance, too. It's cheap auto insurance savings, with coverage you can feel confident about.

Save right out of the box

Get all your Progressive car insurance discounts immediately—they're built in. Multi Car. Homeowners. Multi Policy. Safe Driver. The list goes on.

Pay your way to extra savings

Pay in full to get the biggest savings (a discount, plus zero payment fees). Enrolling in automatic payments is the next best choice (it comes with a discount, too).

Bundle & save even more

Bundle renters or home insurance alongside your auto insurance to get a discount on both policies, plus other benefits.

Skip to what's in your budget

Use the Name Your Price® tool to find the affordable car insurance that fits your needs—fast.

Compare apples to apples

See what the coverage you’re quoting with Progressive would cost at other top companies, even when their car insurance rates are lower than ours.

Tie your good driving into your price

Save more for your good driving with Snapshot®. Just plug it into your car to personalize your rate with your actual driving habits.