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Bass Boat Insurance

Insure your bass boat for as low as $100/year*

Bass boats rank among the most common types of boats we insure. Whether you use yours for fishing, observing nature, or just cruising shallow waters, we’ll help keep you and your boat protected. Quote bass boat insurance online and get the right coverages at an affordable price.

Do you need insurance for a bass boat?

Boat insurance is only legally required in a few states, but you’ll need a boat insurance policy with comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your bass boat against physical damage. Also, if you’re liable in a boating accident, liability coverage can pay for the damages or injuries you caused. Get more information on boat insurance requirements.

Advantages of bass boats

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Often incudes a trolling motor so you can keep both hands on a fishing rod
  • May not be as vulnerable to wind gusts as other boats that sit higher on the water
  • Relatively easy to transport and store
  • Generally less expensive than larger fishing boats

What you should know when insuring your bass boat

  • You can add insurance for your fishing equipment, power poles and fish finders
  • Completing a boater safety course could bring down your bass boat insurance cost
  • Progressive offers coverage for your bass boat’s trailer
  • Boat insurance typically won’t cover corrosion to your watercraft’s hull or manufacturing defects

How much is bass boat insurance?

Starting at just $100/year,* insuring your bass boat can be inexpensive with Progressive. We offer plenty of boat insurance discounts to lower your price, including one for quoting at least one day in advance.

Learn more about the cost of boat insurance.

What does bass boat insurance cover?

You can always get the basics, like liability to cover you if you’re at fault in a boating accident and comprehensive/collision to cover your watercraft against physical damage. But the best bass boat insurance will offer special coverages to safeguard your boating experience. Here are some common bass boat coverages our customers enjoy:

Propulsion Plus® mechanical breakdown coverage

Add Propulsion Plus coverage and we’ll pay to repair or replace the lower unit of your bass boat’s outboard motor for failure due to mechanical breakdown. You’re even covered if the damage is caused by general wear and tear.

Fishing equipment coverage

You can select full replacement coverage up to $10,000 for fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, etc. Plus, you can also add personal effects coverage for items you carry on your boat, such as phones, SCUBA gear, etc. Your items are covered if they’re damaged, stolen, or fall off your boat.

Trailer trip interruption

For just $10/annually, Progressive reimburses you (up to $500) for food, hotel, and other transportation expenses if your boat trailer or tow vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles away from home.

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Bass boat insurance limitations

We insure all types of bass and fishing boats, but we do have some limitations including:

  • Commercial fishing boats (we do insure fishing tournament use, unless it’s your primary occupation)
  • Bass boats with max speed exceeding 90 mph
  • Charter boats
  • Homemade boats made from a kit

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