Bass Boat Insurance

Quote now and insure your boat for as little as $100/year*

When it comes to bass boats and fishing boats, we know just how to insure them and all of their features. These are some of the most common types of boats we insure and can include plenty of modifications/features, such as trolling motors, power poles, fish finders, etc.

Just get a boat insurance quote, and you’ll likely get coverage today. Plus, we’ll automatically insure all of those extra modifications/features you have.

Common bass boat insurance coverages our customers love

Propulsion Plus® mechanical breakdown coverage

Out fishing…and you unexpectedly break down? That’s okay, because we have you covered. Add this and we’ll pay to repair or replace the lower unit of an outboard motor, or upper & lower units of an inboard/outboard motor if you have a mechanical breakdown. And yes, that means we will still cover it even if it’s caused by general wear and tear.

This is an optional coverage you can add, starting at $38/year. Compare that to the thousands you could spend out of pocket to fix your motor.

Fishing equipment coverage

You can add full replacement coverage up to $10,000 for fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, etc. Plus, you can also add personal effects coverage for items you carry on your boat, such as phones, SCUBA gear, etc. Your items are covered if they’re damaged, stolen or fall off your boat.

This coverage is even better than you may think because we offer FULL replacement. We’ll pay what it costs to return your items to pre-loss condition or better. For example, let’s say that you have a 5-year old fishing rod that flies off your boat. Its current market value may only be $500, but a brand new one costs $1,000. We’ll pay the full $1,000 for a new rod (similar model). That’s a $500 difference.

Trailer trip Interruption

If your trailer or tow vehicle breaks down, we’ll dispatch a tow at no extra cost. But we also provide the optional trailer trip interruption coverage on top. Add this and if you break down more than 100 miles from home, we’ll reimburse you (up to $500) to cover food, hotel and other transportation costs. This costs just $10/year.

See our full list of boat insurance coverages.

Bass boat insurance limitations

We insure many types of bass boats and most uses, but we do have some limitations

  • Commercial fishing boats (we do insure fishing tournament use, unless it’s your primary occupation)
  • Bass boats with max speed exceeding 90 mph
  • Charter boats
  • Racing boats
  • Homemade/boats made from a kit
  • See more on our insurance limitations (info at bottom of that page)