Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Insurance

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Classic bike, classic motorbike, vintage, antique, collector or whatever else you call it, you can easily insure yours under a Progressive motorcycle insurance policy. In fact, you don’t need to do anything different. Just get a classic motorcycle quote online tell us the year, make and model—and that’s about it.

Antique motorcycle insurance coverages: protection for your real value

With Progressive vintage motorcycle insurance, you’ll get many of the same motorcycle coverages we offer for any other bike. But if your classic bike is 25 years or older, we’ll offer agreed value coverage to protect you from a total loss. We offer agreed value for motorcycles whose manufacturers are listed in the NADA Appraisal Guide but have no resale value listed. See all the motorcycle insurance coverages you can get for your vintage motorcycle.

Agreed value coverage for antique motorcycles

Agreed value coverage protects you if your bike is totaled. When you get your quote, you’ll tell us the value of your bike. We’ll then agree on a total value, which will always be printed in your policy documents (on your declarations page). There is no appreciation or deprecation, so if your vintage motorcycle’s value changes (or you add customizations), tell us and we’ll update the agreed value number.

How agreed value coverage works

If you have a total loss, we’ll pay the agreed value shown in your declarations page. But if you decide that you want to keep your bike, we will reduce the payout amount by your bike’s salvage value.

For example, let’s say that your agreed value coverage is $15,000 and your bike is totaled. If you want to keep your bike, and the salvage value is $4,000, then we’ll give you $11,000 to pay for repairs. If you don’t want to keep your bike, we’ll give you the full $15,000 agreed value coverage.

Deductibles do not apply for total losses.