Moped Insurance

Quote online & insure your moped today. Rates start at $75/year.*

A moped is a lightweight vehicle with smaller wheels that can be powered two different ways: either by pedaling or by a smaller gasoline engine.

At Progressive, we make getting moped insurance as simple as possible. In fact, we’ll insure almost any type of moped. All you have to do is get a moped insurance quote online, and you can get insured today.

How much is moped insurance?

You can get a cheap moped insurance rate for as low as just $75 a year. Plus, we offer plenty of discounts and ways to help you lower your moped insurance cost. The best part is that when you get a moped insurance quote online, we’ll automatically apply discounts. So you save instantly.

Our rates vary on a variety of factors, such as age, safe riding history, etc. So keep in mind that moped insurance for a 16-year old might be a bit different than for a more-seasoned rider.

Do you need insurance for a moped? (Short answer is yes.)

Mopeds do require insurance if you ride them on the road. More specifically, liability insurance is what you must have. We also offer many other coverages (some of which are optional) to give you more protection.

Common moped insurance coverages: perfect for casual cruising

At Progressive, mopeds are insured under our motorcycle insurance policies. We offer all of the same coverages for mopeds as we do for motorcycles. But we do price them differently, so our average moped insurance cost is typically lower.

Here are some of the most popular coverages we offer. See all the coverages you can get for your moped.

Bodily injury and property damage liability (BI/PD)

This is automatically included in your moped insurance policy and is one of the main coverages in just about any vehicle insurance policy. This protects you from damages you may cause and pays for damages to other cars, motorcycles, vehicles, property (signs, fences, etc.). Plus, it can cover injuries to other drivers/their passengers and even legal expenses if you’re sued.

Liability is required if you take your moped on the road.

Comprehensive and collision

This is also one of the most common insurance coverages for any vehicle. It’s an optional coverage you can add and focuses specifically on your moped. It pays to repair/replace your moped if it is damaged or stolen. With comprehensive and collision, you pick your own deductible (the portion of the claim you pay).

So if you have $1,500 in damages, and a $1,000 deductible, you would pay $1,000. We would pay the rest. Usually, if you want to lower your moped insurance cost, you can opt for a higher deductible.

Carried contents and belongings

You may have had this happen to you before, casually cruising around town and your cell phone (or another item) flies off your moped and gets damaged/lost. It’s not fun. This protects you from that exact situation. It covers belongings you carry on your moped if they’re damaged, stolen or even lost. This coverage extends to anything that could fall off your moped, even your cell phone.

You can add up to $3,000 worth of carried contents coverage.