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With travel trailer insurance, you can enjoy the outdoors without worry

There's more to watch out for besides bears and coyotes when you're in the great outdoors, like faulty trailer hitches and reckless drivers. That's why campers turn to us to protect their home away from home. Get a quote today and see how affordable insurance for your trailer can be.

Do you need insurance for a trailer?

Insuring your camping or travel trailer isn't mandated by law, but your lender may require you to get comprehensive and collision coverage if you financed the purchase. In any case, insuring your trailer is a good idea to protect your investment. Plus, you can get coverage for your personal belongings, providing extra protection from theft and accidents.

What are the requirements for travel trailer insurance?

Your auto insurance should cover your trailer for liability claims, so long as the vehicle you're towing it with has the proper coverage. However, your auto insurance won't help you pay to repair or replace your trailer if it's damaged or totaled. When you quote travel trailer insurance, you can select coverages that'll cover those expenses and more, including the cost to replace any belongings that are damaged or stolen from your trailer.

Is a trailer covered under homeowners insurance?

Some homeowners insurance policies will cover the possessions you keep in your camping trailer, but they do not cover the trailer itself. That's why a specialized RV insurance policy is a smart move as it not only protects your asset, but it also fills the gap between what auto and homeowners insurance typically cover.

How much does insurance for a trailer cost?

The total annual cost of your travel trailer insurance policy will depend on the number and type of coverages you select during the quoting process, as well as the RV insurance discounts you qualify for. Don't worry, we'll automatically apply every discount you're eligible for as you go. Start your travel trailer insurance quote today and get a rate that works for your budget.

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How to get a quote for travel trailer insurance

To find the best travel trailer insurance for you, we just need to ask a few basic questions about your camper, including:

  • What is the make & model? This will give us an idea of how big your trailer is and allow us to provide a more accurate quote.
  • Where do you keep the trailer? We insure travel trailers that are kept at home or at the campground year-round. If you keep your trailer on a permanent foundation, you won't be able to get RV insurance. However, you may be eligible for a manufactured home policy.
  • What is its current value? This will impact the cost of your policy.

What does travel trailer insurance cover?

Travel trailer insurance can cover a wide range of scenarios, including someone injuring themselves on your camp site. What your individual policy covers is up to you, all you have to do is choose the options that fit your road-tripping lifestyle.

Comprehensive and collision

With both comprehensive and collision coverage, your camper is covered for damages that are both outside of your control and within your control. For example, comprehensive will help you pay to repair your trailer if a tree branch falls on it. Collision will help you pay for damage that results from a road accident, whether you're at fault or not. In either case, a deductible applies.

Full-timer's liability

If you use your trailer as a permanent residence, full-timer's liability coverage can safeguard your finances in case someone injures themselves in your trailer or on your camp site. You can choose a specific coverage limit when you get a quote for your travel trailer insurance policy.

Total loss replacement

If your travel trailer is totaled, we'll pay for a brand new one of the same model year or later, as well as the same trim level or better. You can also decide not to replace your trailer, in which case we'll reimburse you for its original purchase price. If your trailer is older than 5 years, you'll be given the amount specified in your policy. In both scenarios, a deductible applies.

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