Motorcycles We Insure

We insure 99% of all motorcycles (and motorcyclists)

We get this question all the time: how can you insure my motorcycle when no one else will? Simple. We’re the #1 motorcycle insurance company, and we’ve been insuring all types of motorcycles for more than 35 years. So, we’ve seen just about everything out there, and we’re happy to insure almost whatever type of bike or off-road vehicle you ride.

Just get a quote and select the bike you have. If yours isn’t listed, call us at 1-855-347-3939, and we’ll try to get you covered.


A two-wheel vehicle usually with much smaller wheels and a low-power engine that only powers the rear wheel. More on scooter insurance.


A lightweight vehicle that can be pedaled or powered by a small engine. More on moped insurance.

Custom motorcycle

We’ll insure any customizations to your bike up to $3,000 at no extra cost. If you need more coverage than that, you can purchase up to $30,000 for customization coverage. More on custom motorcycle insurance.

Motorbike/dirt bike

A lightweight motorcycle with rugged tires and enhanced suspension that’s designed mostly for off-road riding. In most states, these are not legal on roads or streets. More on motorbike/dirt bike insurance.

Vintage motorcycle

Also called antique motorcycles and are classified as bikes 25 years or older. More on vintage motorcycle insurance.

Sport motorcycle

Also called street motorcycles or sportsbikes. These motorcycles are built for speed and rapid acceleration/deceleration. More on sport motorcycle insurance.


(All Terrain Vehicle or other off-road vehicles.) These may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy, but you’ll likely need a special ATV Insurance policy if you ride it off your property. More on ATV insurance.


A three-wheel motorcycle with handle bars and open (instead of enclosed) riding. Trikes usually have two wheels in the rear and one in the front. We’ll also insure converted trikes and reverse trikes (two wheels in the front and one in the rear). More on trike insurance.


Enclosed, three-wheeled motorcycles with steering wheels and seating that don’t require you to straddle the vehicle (usually bucket or bench seating).

We’ll be ready for the next motorcycles

We insure more types of motorcycles now, but we also take a proactive approach. When a new type of motorcycle is getting ready to hit the market, we hop on and do a little “hands-on” research. So we can see what that bike is all about and basically have a policy ready before it’s even available. Tough job, right?