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    We didn't become the best motorcycle insurance company by giving our riders "the basics." You're passionate about your bike, so we dig deeper to offer a wide range of coverages and discounts for customized protection. Get a free motorcycle insurance quote, buy online, and see why nearly 1 in 3 insured motorcycle riders choose Progressive.

    We’re one of the biggest motorcycle insurers because we protect so many types of bikes

    Whether you ride a sport bike or are buying a touring bike, cruiser moped, standard motorcycle, or custom hog, we have you covered. Here are a few common types of motorcycles we insure:

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    Ways to Save

    Discounts on motorcycle insurance to keep you on the open road


    Is your home, car, boat, or RV insured with us? You could save even more on motorcycle insurance if you combine it with another Progressive policy.

    Responsible driver

    We'll reward you if you've had no motorcycle accidents or violations in the last three years.

    Pay on time

    The easiest way to save! We'll give you this discount automatically with your first policy, and you have it at every renewal as long as you continue to pay on time.

    Association member

    Are you a member of the United Services Automobile Association or the Harley Owners Group? If so, you can get an insurance discount for participating in these associations.


    Do you own a house, mobile home, townhome, or condo? Great! You'll earn additional savings, even if even if we do not insure it.

    Customized motorcycle insurance for added peace of mind

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    Full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts

    If you're in a covered accident, we'll always pay to return your bike to pre-accident condition or better.

    Total loss coverage for a brand-new bike

    Example: You buy a motorcycle for $15,000, but it gets totaled and is only worth $10,000. We pay you the MSRP of the latest model — even if it costs more than $15,000. If your bike is no longer eligible for total loss coverage at renewal, we'll still cover the cash value of your bike.

    Roadside assistance

    If your road bike breaks down on the highway anywhere in the United States or Canada, our roadside assistance program will tow your bike to the nearest repair shop.

    Example: You're out for a ride along a country road and you get a flat tire. Our vendor will pick you up and take your bike to the nearest shop so you can get it fixed.

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    Common questions about motorcycle insurance

    How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

    How can I lower the cost of my motorcycle insurance?

    Does motorcycle insurance cover passengers?

    Is my helmet covered while I ride?

    More questions about motorcycle insurance? We have Answers.

    Wondering which coverage options are the best fit for you and your ride? Use Progressive Answers for all motorcycle insurance tips and resources.

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