RV Insurance Loyalty Rewards

You deserve to be recognized — and thanked — for the time you spend with Progressive. That's why we offer Loyalty Rewards.

You can earn rewards right away — we automatically enroll you when you buy your Progressive policy — and they grow with time.

It's easy to check your rewards, too; simply log in to your policy.

You'll earn some rewards immediately:

  • Small Accident Forgiveness — Resolve a minor claim and move on — it won't affect your rate.

  • Specialized Claims Service — Resolve claims quickly with the support of claims specialists trained in recreational vehicles.

  • Responsible Driver Discount — Earn a break on your rate if it's been awhile since your last accident or traffic violation.

  • Emergency Expense Coverage — Minimize the cost of lodging and transportation home if your RV is damaged during a trip — we'll cover these expenses for you (up to $750).

Then, rewards get bigger over time:

  • Claims-Free Discount — Save at renewal time if your previous policy period was accident-free.

  • Large Accident Forgiveness — If you've been with us for at least five years, and you and all the drivers on your policy have been claim — and violation-free for the last three, then you deserve a break. Your rate won't go up if you need to report a large claim.

  • Emerald Access — Save time and get help faster — our customer service representatives make Emerald and Crown customer calls their priority.

  • Lifetime Crown Benefits — When you've been with us for at least 20 years, you earn Lifetime Crown Benefits, which include our lifetime renewal guarantee.

  • Buy a Progressive RV insurance policy and start earning Loyalty Rewards today. Check out our RV insurance discounts, too.

Common Questions

  • How do I earn Loyalty Rewards?

    It's simple. You'll earn certain rewards immediately, just by becoming a Progressive policyholder. Then, by keeping your RV insurance policy, you'll earn more rewards over time.

  • How do I enroll?

    You'll be automatically enrolled when you quote and buy your RV insurance policy.

  • Does it cost anything?

    No, it's completely free. We provide Loyalty Rewards to thank you for choosing us.

  • How will I know which rewards I've earned?

    Simply log in to your policy and go to the Discounts and Programs section. There, you can view your current Loyalty Rewards status and see which rewards you've earned.

  • I'm a current customer; do I qualify?

    There's an easy way to find out: simply log in to your policy. We're able to offer Loyalty Rewards to many of our current customers, so if Loyalty Rewards have been applied to your policy, you'll see reward details, as well as your status in the program, when you log in. Keep in mind that your status will be based on your insurance history, so if you've been insured by us for five years continuously, you'll have earned five years' worth of perks.